We're proud to be "industry agnostic". That means we’ve worked hard to ensure that no matter what size your business is, what sector you operate in or even the level of IT experience you have, if knowing when someone dies is important, then we can help.

Some of the industries we work with operate in the following sectors:

Banking Debt Collection Loyalty
Accountancy Real Estate Direct Marketing
Health  Utilities Insurance
Charity Law Financal Management
Government Education Tourism / Travel


We would like every business to have access to NoticeMATCH and that's why we've developed, and priced, our services to cater for any business size or type.

Still not sure? Here's a few things to consider:
  • Do you contact your customers by post, phone or electronically?
  • Do you rely on your customers for referrals?
  • Is a positive customer experience important for your business?
  • Is your market place competitive?
  • Is your cost to acquire new customers high?
  • Do you spend time maintaining your database?
  • Do you actively cleanse your database of the deceased?
  • Do you rely on mailout statistics to measure your marketing success?
A yes to any one of these questions and you would benefit from using NoticeMATCH.

Whether you opt for just an annual cleanse or clean up your database every month (before you mail out) you are going a long way to improve your relationships, save time and importantly, money.

Imagine the opportunities for your business if you were proactive when a customer dies. Not only will you be significantly reducing your costs, but you will also be protecting your reputation and building healthy relationships with the bereaved. Go you!