It's a well known fact that your data is valuable and, just like anything of value, it needs to be cared for.

Maintain data integrity

Databases decay at an alarming rate, on average 2% a month. People move (22% of the population move every year), change names and die. It's life.

Any business that does not manage their data could expect upwards of 25% inaccurate records in just one year.

Your customers might forgive the odd slip up when they've recently changed their name or moved, but when a death is concerned there's no greater harm done to relationships with the bereaved than continued untimely and insensitive contact or, for some, no contact at all!

Reduce costs

Chances are you're a great business doing great things. You've got terrific products and services, are monitoring your marketing spend and trying to maximise your return.

Over 3 million items are mailed to the deceased every year which is a big business cost and entirely unnecessary environmental damage.

Now you can dramatically decrease costs by not marketing to the deceased.

Plus it's well worth avoiding upsetting a customer, the fallout from it is harder to put a figure on but definitely has an impact.

Protect reputation

It's hard work building a brand. Without happy customers and glowing recommendations, your customer acquisition cost will be higher than it need be.

That's why it's crucial to manage the death of any customer well.

Looking at it negatively, you have lost a customer. But on the flipside, you have the chance to "do the right thing" and make a good impression on the bereaved who may well one day be your future customers.

Compassionate, thoughtful businesses build stronger brands and engender loyalty.

Build future relationships

One day we will all have to tidy up the affairs of a loved one. It's painful and takes months.

Repeating your story many times, and having to deal with so many businesses, can make one believe that some companies just don't care.

Who hasn't walked out of a business never to return when we've felt minimised and then go tell our story to whoever listens?

NoticeMATCH, which has been developed to help businesses and the bereaved, means your can now handle your customers end of life matters in good time and with compassion.