Not sure if NoticeMATCH will return benefits to your organisation? 

Here's a few things to consider ...

Do you contact your customers by post, phone or electronically?
Do you rely on your customers for referrals?
Is a positive customer experience important for your business?
Is your market place competitive?
Is your cost to acquire new customers high?
Do you spend time maintaining your database?
Do you actively cleanse your database of the deceased?
Do you rely on mailout statistics to measure your marketing success?

A yes to any one of these questions means you would certainly benefit from using NoticeMATCH.

Whether you opt for just an annual cleanse or clean up your database every month (before you mail out) you are going a long way to improve your relationships and save time and, importantly, money.

We know that on average every deceased will receive no less than 100 mail items in the 12 months after they die.

Crazy right? That's over 3 million unwanted mail items sent in New Zealand every year.

The deceased's family will spend countless hours repeating their story in order to get a loved one removed from multiple mailing lists. Unnecessary, upsetting and completely avoidable. 

Imagine the opportunity for your business if you were proactive when a customer dies.

Not only will you be significantly reducing your costs, but you will also be protecting your reputation and building healthy relationships with the bereaved. Go you!

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