NoticeMATCH was first built alongside law firms and Trust companies with an explicit need that their data did not leave their environment.
Their data and results needed to be securely under their control, and the matching process had to be easy to use and extremely accurate.

Our evolving subscriber base covers many different sectors and, because we love feedback, more features are regularly added, and our data is the most uptodate record you can access.

So how does it work?


We capture death data from all available sources, most within 72 hours of dying, taking great care to create a single name record of a deceased.

We are so committed to getting this correct, we rely on humans (not machines) to enter the data so no name variables are overlooked.


We store the death data on our secure servers in the cloud.

Access to our software is via the cloud, so we can provide updates and fixes without the end user needing to manually download, save, and install anything.

When you login to NoticeMATCH the latest version of our software is loaded in your browser.

User Computer

When you run a match our death data is instantly brought into your browser to match against your own database.

The results appear in seconds.

We never see your results, we can't because the matching process is run in your computer browser and isn't sent over the internet.

User Data

Your database remains on your PC at all times.

It does not go to our servers, it is not even on the internet!

Our software is temporarily available to you in your browser for that session.

You need an internet connection to fetch our death data, add records of interest to your shortlist, or add notes, as well as to login in the first place to verify who you are.